In the project presentation, I had the opportunity to work with Wirda and Christopher for the first time and it was an enjoyable journey with them. Towards the preparation of the project, it was difficult for us to juggle between CPD and other projects with tight deadlines. We had to sacrifice our weekends to complete this CPD project, without giving any less emphasis to it.

While preparing for the project synopsis and instructional video, we had to keep in mind that it is essential to incorporate the learning in the module that is pertinent towards effective business communication. In our project, we built our fundamental on the basis of an MICE industry whereby the work environment could be very volatile, fast-paced and unpredictable. Thus, effective communication, strong interpersonal skills and active listening often play a central role in facilitating greater job efficiency within a MICE team.

Through our primary and secondary research in this project, it helps us to explore the areas of interpersonal, intercultural, verbal and non-verbal communication. The strategies and techniques used in our project training is widely applicable in many different industry. However, we realised that interpersonal and cultural understanding play a big role in building a purposeful relationship within a workplace as intercultural is idiosyncratic.

By building a good relationship among a team or workplace, it could possibly mitigate misunderstanding and conflict from occurring. Hence, situational and self-awareness should be practice in a global work environment, in order to have an understanding the differences of each individuals and work towards a common goal of the organisation.

As previously mentioned that we had to juggle between different modules, we had to put our learning into action by understanding that we had different priorities and different module meetings going on. We had to comprehend and come to an agreement to meet up for different project and get it done without compromising other modules. This requires much communication and understanding to work together towards the end of our goals for this project.

Overall, I had a great time working with Wirda and Christopher. They had made my learning experience memorable and meaningful as we managed to balance between professionalism and friendship well throughout this project.